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Micro Nano Bubble Generator 25EDQS07D


Model 25EDQS07D is a kind of self-priming gas-liquid mixing pump which is installed horizontally. It uses standard click-coupled connections. The wetted components of the pump are all made of stainless steel. The suction inlet of the gas-liquid mixing pump can absorb gas through negative pressure, so there is no need to use gas compressor and atmospheric ejector. High speed rotating impeller to stir liquid and gas, no need for compressor and mixer. Pump pressure stirring, so that the gas and liquid completely dissolved, dissolved efficiency can reach 80 ~ 99%. Thus, high-pressure solutions can be obtained without large pressurized gas tanks or expensive reaction towers. Gas-liquid mixing pump can be used to attract, mix, dissolve and transfer highly dissolved liquid directly to the point of use. Therefore, the use of gas-liquid mixing pump can improve the production efficiency of dissolved gas, simplify the preparation equipment, save space, greatly reduce the initial investment, and save the operation cost and maintenance cost.

Closed-couple Type Micro Nano Bubble Generator Coupling Type Micro Nano Bubble Generator
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