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Dissolved air flotation (DAF), which is mainly used in wastewater treatment system, is a reliable and proven process for purification. DAF is used for the easy separation of suspended matters in liquids. The DAF system works by saturating the process water with air under high pressure which is then released to normal pressure and piped into the wastewater tank. The micro bubbles generated during pressure release work to attract suspended particles in the liquid and float them to the surface where they are then skimmed away.

The micro bubble generator’s ideal fields of application includes the treatment of oil-water emulsions, fat separations, phosphate precipitations and heavy metal precipitations as well as final sedimentation at bio-treatment plants. Multistage flotation plants are a solution to the treatment of special waste.

When using the Micro Bubble Generator, the gas is fed directly into the inflow pipe. This way can considerably reduce the components compared to the traditional DAF system. The compressor, pressure tank, pumps, control, and numerous valves can be removed.

During pressure generated in the DAF system, Micro Bubble Generator achieve a thorough homogeneous mixing of liquid and gas. The gas saturation can be further increased by adding additional downstream solution lines.

The Micro Bubble Generator can produce bubbles whose diameter is between 30-50 microns depending on the waste water and the saturation pressure dispersions. 

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