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Edon has been working hard since its inception to provide our customers with satisfactory service and qualified fine micro nano bubble generators. We are committed to providing long-term cooperation with our customers and providing you with confidence, satisfaction, and the best professional and technical services. The company's operating philosophy is "integrity first, quality first, service first."

The main products produced by our company are vortex pumps (gas-liquid mixing pumps), circulation pumps, flexible pumps, and various micro-bubble processing systems. They are mainly used for air flotation, ozone water production, oxygen-enriched water production, and aeration. Washing machine, boiler feed water, circulating fluid delivery, hot oil circulation, agriculture, engineering support, etc. The vortex pump industry has broken through a variety of technical problems, and the efficiency of the pumps has been greatly improved. The flexible pump is developed based on domestic and foreign flexible pumps and improved the material of the flexible pump's impeller to make it last longer. In addition, we are also developing various special pumps for different special industries and special systems for special pumps to meet the special needs of different customers.

The "vortex pump" has the characteristics of simple structure, low noise, no metal friction, stirring and mixing capability, self-priming function, etc. It is the first choice for gas-liquid mixing and liquid-liquid mixing processes. The pump is divided into EDS series (used for special industry stainless steel vortex pump), EDQS series (used in common industry stainless steel vortex pump), can be matched with explosion-proof motor or single-phase motor to meet the needs of different customers.

Our company can also design and customize all kinds of special pumps according to the needs of customers, as well as various special small systems, such as ozone water disinfection machine, micro-nano bubble cleaning machine, small bubble removal vacuum system, mini-metering system, etc. to meet the special needs of customers demand.

With the purpose of the company "Quality First, Integrity First, Service First" and the spirit of excellence, we will push our products and service to a new level.  

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integrity first, quality first, service first

Filters impurities in life to maintain its purity and essential ability. Only in this way can you have a happy and healthy life.

Castle Peak Green Blue Sky White is Edon's eternal pursuit!

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