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Since the beginning of the 21st century, Edon Pump Co., Ltd. has absorbed advanced technology from home and abroad and developed a series of vortex pump products while working with colleges and universities. Vortex pump, self-priming vortex pump, high temperature and high-pressure vortex pump, gas-liquid mixing pump, non-leakage magnetic gas-liquid mixing pump, non-leakage magnetic liquid ammonia pump, high lift small flow chemical vortex pump, non-leakage magnetic vortex pump.

Edon Chemical Gas-Liquid Mixing Pump is widely used with characteristics like corrosion-resistant, low cavitation (low NPSH) balance, stable performance and no leakage. It is widely used in nuclear power plants, petroleum refining, chemical engineering and other difficult and complicated fluid conditions. Conveying nuclear power plant coolant, condensate, chemical high pressure, high and low-temperature liquid, high melting point fluid. Conveying solvent, clear oil, fuel oil, acid and alkaline liquid, high-temperature hot water, etc. The leak-free magnetic pump can transport flammable, explosive, toxic dangerous liquid, precious liquid, refrigerant or high-temperature liquid, low viscosity liquid, high-pressure liquid ammonia, liquefied gas, corrosive liquid, harsh operation and easy gasification. The liquid and the liquid containing the gas can be used for aerating and mixing the pump while conveying the material.

With years of research and technical research, the company has developed a leading-edge, non-leakage magnetic gas-liquid mixing pump that can be idling and used under high temperature, high gas and high pressure conditions, and a leak-free magnetic chemical vortex pump for high temperature and high pressure. The maximum temperature can reach +320 °C, the maximum system pressure can be 12Mpa (customized), filling the gap of domestic technology.

Edon Chemical Gas-liquid Mixing Pump (customized) can produce gas, liquid and solid three-phase mixture at the same time. It is a pump that can transport materials in a certain temperature range, which can meet the requirements of circulating high-temperature, high-gas and high-viscosity materials in the vacuum system. It solves the problem of running under different harsh conditions for many domestic enterprises.

Edon environmental protection sewage treatment gas-liquid mixing pump has been injecting advanced gas-liquid mixing pump technology to water treatment into an era of innovation. Micro-nano bubble water generated by pump has played a great role in the treatment of industrial wastewater, tail gas and BOD, COD Improvement of living river sewage.

Edon (special) high-lift, small-flow vortex pump plays a leading role in the incineration of waste liquid, such as urea solution, high calorific value waste liquid, and waste solvent spray. Edon Chemical's vortex pump is also widely used for the delivery of small flow and high lift materials in MVR and TVR evaporation systems.

The company's products are exported to Malaysia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia and many other countries.

Based on the spirit of excellence, the company provides high-quality products for domestic and foreign customers with first-class quality and perfect service. We sincerely welcome international friends, enterprises and groups to exchange, cooperate and seek common development.

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