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Micro Nano Bubble Generator 50EDQS55S


Micro nano bubbles oxygen generator  for nano bubbles nozzle 50EDQS55S

Product Description

The micro nano bubble generator is using a simple method to generate micro bubbles in a liquid. This bubble generator uses the properties of the vortex pump turbine and effectively absorbs gas with a liquid or two liquids, and adding it under pressure into a process. A device that can be useful for efficient mixing and dissolving of the gaseous products in fluids. It is for this purpose equipped with a special impeller and can be used for continuous operation.

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As a thesis published by Futyu Laboratory shows that the application of micro bubbles can greatly improve the growth of aquacultures like oysters, scallops and other marine products, we suggest all the customers in the aquaculture cultivation industrial should try this method to improve the efficiency of cultivation.

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Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved air flotation (DAF), which is mainly used in wastewater treatment system, is a reliable and proven process for purification. DAF is used for the easy separation of suspended matters in liquids. The DAF system works by saturating the process water with air under high pressure which is then released to normal pressure and piped into the wastewater tank. The micro bubbles generated during pressure release work to attract suspended particles in the liquid and float them to the surface where they are then skimmed away.


Drinking Water Treatment

Tap Water Factory Disinfection

Ozone Water Disinfection, Improve Water Taste

Filling Drinking Water

Disinfect to Extend Warranty Period

School, Cafeteria, Drinking water in Hospitals

Disinfect to Prevent Disease

Food, Pharmacy, Medical, Quarantine, Bioengineering, Semiconductor Manufacturing

Disinfect with Pure Water

Improve the Quality of Product by Water Disinfection

High-pressure Wash in Production Line

To avoid contamination of the equipment

Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Rinsing Wash

To Improve the Storage Capability by Disinfecting with High-Density Ozone Water


Quarantine, Hospital, Operation Room, Medical Equipment, To avoid illness Contagion.

Food, Vegetable, Fruit, and Sea Food

Disinfection, Preservation, Antisepsis,

Water Treatment of Industrial Waste Water

Papermaking Industrial

Dissolved Air Flotation, Decrease COD, BOD and Odor/Color

Printing Ink

Textile printing and dyeing

Waste Water from Slaughtering Factory

Decrease COD, BOD, Remove Odor and Smell.

Petrochemical Industrial Waste Water

Dissolved Air Flotation, Oil Water Separation

Food Factory Waste Water

Restaurant Waste Water

Normal Industrial Waste Water

Decrease COD, BOD by Dissolved Air Flotation. Remove Odor and Color by Ozone Water

Community Cleaning Device

River, Pond

Clean by Dissolved Air Flotation, Decrease COD, BOD, improve the community’s Environment.

Swimming Pool

Dissolved Air Flotation, Oil-Water Separation

Domestic Sewage

Restaurant Sewage

Hospital Epidemic Station


The micro bubble generator’s ideal fields of application includes the treatment of oil-water emulsions, fat separations, phosphate precipitations and heavy metal precipitations as well as final sedimentation at bio-treatment plants. Multistage flotation plants are a solution to the treatment of special waste.


When using the Micro Bubble Generator, the gas is fed directly into the inflow pipe. This way can considerably reduce the components compared to the traditional DAF system. The compressor, pressure tank, pumps, control, and numerous valves can be removed.


During pressure generated in the DAF system, Micro Bubble Generator achieve a thorough homogeneous mixing of liquid and gas. The gas saturation can be further increased by adding additional downstream solution lines.


The Micro Bubble Generator can produce bubbles whose diameter is between 30-50 microns depending on the waste water and the saturation pressure dispersions.




According to the customers report, considerable energy has been saved after using Micro Bubble Generator besides improved effluent values and a reduced input of chemicals. Micro Bubble Generators do convince stable conveying features and low wear operation compared to side channel pumps.





Product Display(Closed Couple Type)



Product Display(Coupling Type)




Model Selection Table

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Product Uses




Air Flotation

High Density of Ozone Water Treatment

Remove Impurities From Underground Water

Water Quality Improvement, Disinfection

Remove Grease From Waste Water

Raw and Fresh Food Disinfection

Manure Disposal

Slaughtering Factory Disinfection

Resource Recycle

Hospital and Public Area

Waste Water Treatment in the Factory


Recycle of Solid, suspended matter, sludge, algae

Recycling Water Disinfection, Odor Removal.

Milky Bath SPA.

Remove and decompose Organic Material

Create Water Screen

Decrease COD, BOD. Remove the Color from Waste Water.

Swimming Pool

Laundry. Paper-making Factory


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Solid-Liquid Separation: applies to all kinds of municipal waste water and industrial waste water and improve the COD and BOD;


Replacement: replace the hazardous gas and material with gas that is easy to dissolve into the liquid;


Inhibition: as duffer, mixed into the liquid so that the micro bubbles can prevent ultrasonic, sound wave, and electromagnetic wave from conducting and moving;


Decoration: fill bubbles in the pool and bathtub, then Project text or color on a milky white page to improve visuals


Ozone Water Producti

  • Application
  • Disassembly And Assembly


1.For food and chemical removal in pretreatment for waste water treatment

2.For recycling of high-grade paper fiber

3.For excrement (livestock) treatment 

4.For pretreatment of kitchen waste water containing oil and fat

5.For removing impurities from well water in preparation for various industries including semiconductor pure water production.

6.For treating water in pond or lake purification

7.For providing a micro-bubble bath at a hotel or the like



Micro Bubble Generator are operated with clean liquid. Pre-cleaned water in the recycle –flow process. Also during starting phase attention must be paid to the water cleanness.

Realize inflow conditions at pump inlet side. Make sure liquid is filled with pump body.

Select throttle valve and pressure release valve with good dosing features

Install gas supply line above highest liquid level to keep liquid away from entering the air flow measuring device.

Select air flow measuring device with suitable metering range and with needle valve for optimal adjustment of the air flow.

Design inflow-pipe from air inlet to pump inlet flange in a short and horizontal way in order to ensure that always a constant water-air proportion arrives at the pump.

As solution line for dissolved air flotation a pipe line with larger nominal width will be suitable in order to achieve a retention period of approx. 1 minutes until pressure release.

If required, surplus air can be led away by means of a bubble separation at highest position before pressure release (pipe line with very small nominal width).

Initial Starting

Initially pump is started according to the known operating instruction for pure water supply. Check the maximum pump pressure as per characteristic curve point by short-time closing of the pressure release valve while the bubble separation pipe is closed.

Open the pressure release valve until the required operation pressure for pure water supply has been reached. At the same time, it has to be considered that the flow rate for pure water supply has to be approx. 10 to 20% higher than for the supply of water-gas mixtures.

Reduce the rate of flow slightly at the inlet side by means of the throttle valve till a pressure (vacuum) between -0.2 and -0.3 bar is achieved at the suction side manometer. Open the air supply at the throttle valve and adjust the required air flow gradually at the needle valve. The operating pressure at the pressure side manometer decreases slightly. If necessary, re-adjust the vacuum at the pump inlet side in case that the required air flow will not be sucked in from the atmospheric air. In case of delivery stops the air flow has to be reduced accordingly.

In order to avoid large bubbles the gas contents must not exceed the physically possible solubility.

Other gases also can be charged considering the solubility. Differing methods also will be possible after consulting.

Our company has committed to researching, developing and producing Micro Bubble Generator and related products. We have an experienced research team to explore new technologies in this filed and design the productions accordingly and a professional sales team for the customers service. Our product has A-grade quality and achieved a good reputation worldwide. We currently have customers from Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Panama, Czech Republic, India and The United Arab Emirates etc.

The exhibition is mainly about all kinds of equipment that is used for environment protection.

Closed-couple Type Micro Nano Bubble Generator Coupling Type Micro Nano Bubble Generator
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