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Dissolved Hydrogen Application

Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule in nature. It is extremely penetrating and extremely volatile. It can freely enter and exit the body cells, remove aging and toxic free radicals. After drinking, it enters human body tissues and diffuses to act on all organ line particles and nucleus. Absorbed by the body. Realize the balance of the environment in the body and initiate the mechanism of self-healing.

The hydrogen molecule has strong activity and is easy to volatilize. When it enters the human body, it can release hydrogen and is fully absorbed and utilized by the human body.


Hydrogen can quickly remove malignant oxygen free radicals, activate cells, inhibit oxygen free radicals, achieve ecchymoses, skin, and anti-aging.


Prevents the combination of unsaturated acid fatty acids and reactive oxygen species to form lipid peroxide unsaturated fatty acids, which improves hypertension.


It can restore the normal function of the islets and their recipients and improve the symptoms of diabetes.

Osteoarticular disease:

It can neutralize harmful acidic substances in the body and lower blood uric acid value to relieve gout and other bone and joint diseases.

Liver protection:

Hydrogen can remove the malignant free radicals produced by ethanol during metabolism, promote metabolism and protect the liver.


Hydrogen can penetrate deep into the tissue or cell membrane space, activate cell tissue, improve the state of stress, and is a younger body.

Malignant tumor:

It can prevent the infinite division of cancer cells and change them into healthy cells with the same life span as ordinary cells.

Metabolic system:

Promote digestive and excretory functions, soften intestinal blood vessels, activate intestinal mucosal cells, and strengthen intestinal peristalsis to prevent and improve constipation.


Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule in nature. It can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and directly act on the nucleus and mitochondria to activate blood vessels, thus significantly inhibiting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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