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Working Principle of Micro Nano Bubble Machine

Composition and working principle of micro nano bubble machine:

Micro nano bubble machine is composed of water pump, micro nano, generator, pressure gauge, aerator and some pipe fittings. It is a set of equipment specially developed for river treatment and dissolved oxygen repair. The core and technology of this series is mainly to use nanotechnology to compress a large amount of air into a large number of 0.25 mm diameter non pressure microbubbles. Then, the 0.25 mm diameter non pressure microbubbles are dispersed through the gas and liquid phase in a semi vacuum by using the release system, resulting in microbubbles and nanoscale bubbles with a diameter less than 3 μ, which are collectively referred to as the effect of microbubbles releasing to the water body for rapid oxygenation. The micro nano bubbles will not increase and rise. It has special physical and chemical properties such as long survival time, long time in water for 72 hours, large specific surface area, high interface activity, charge with energy and so on. It has a large contact area with water and a high dissolved oxygen rate. The system diffuses a large number of micro  nano bubbles to every corner of the water through the release system at the set depth of water, and the utilization of oxygen is up to 50% - 80%. This equipment uses pure physical method to produce bubble water without adding any chemical substances. The power consumption and the power consumption of the best aeration device in China can be reduced to 1/5, which is much higher than the traditional equipment, and the energy-saving effect is obvious.


With the consumption of dissolved oxygen in the bubble, active oxygen is added to the water and the content of water is increased rapidly. At the same time, all kinds of organic particles in the water are rapidly decomposed to smaller particles, which is beneficial to further biological decomposition and greatly reduces sludge sedimentation. At the same time, micro nano bubbles can greatly improve the supply of oxygen, enhance the biological activity of oxygen microorganisms, plankton and aquatic animals in the water, accelerate the degradation process of pollutants in the bottom mud of the water, and achieve the purpose of water purification.

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