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Fabrication Method of Micro Bubble Generator

The micro bubble generator is to dissolve air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen or other gases in the water in the form of extremely fine bubbles. According to the actual needs, different gases can be dissolved in the water to achieve the desired effect. Generally, the smaller the particle size of nano bubbles, the higher the bubble concentration, the larger the effective contact area with the water body, and the more conducive to the absorption of other substances or organisms in the water body. This will make a great breakthrough in aquaculture, plant root growth, cleaning function, wastewater treatment and beauty bathing.

Especially in the treatment of black and smelly river, only the natural dissolved oxygen in the water body can not achieve the removal of black and smelly, so it is necessary to take the measures of increasing oxygen to ensure the deodorization. Aeration is usually achieved by mechanical means to ensure that the appropriate dissolved oxygen can be achieved in the case of anoxia or uneven distribution of dissolved oxygen in the pond. At present, all kinds of aerators are based on the diffusion principle, and the diffusion rate depends on the degree of hypoxia, the surface area of water and air contact, the degree of water agitation and other factors. Oxygen can promote the up and down exchange of water, increase the dissolved oxygen in the air, and play the role of water dialysis and removal of black odor.

Decontamination mechanism of micro bubble generator: at the moment of bubble rupture, due to the drastic change of gas-liquid interface disappearance, the concentrated high concentration ions on the interface will release the accumulated chemical energy at once. At this time, a large number of hydroxyl free radicals (·OH) can be excited and produced, which has ultra-high oxidation-reduction potential. The super oxidation produced by it can degrade the water pollutants that are difficult to be oxidized and decomposed under normal conditions in the water, thus realizing purification of water quality.

In the current market, the main method of making micro bubble generator is to mix the gas and liquid by pump, and then produce bubbles after mixing, cutting and destroying the water molecules.

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