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The air intake modes of the dissolved air floating pump

The work of dissolved air flotation pump mainly depends on the properties of suspended matter surfaces, which can be divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic. This kind of equipment has two kinds of air intake modes, one is the gas state before the pump and the behind pump of air inlet, and the other is pumping forward gas. Here are concrete explanations.

The dissolved air flotation pump pumps forward gas, which is led back to the water suction pipe by the water pipe of the pump. The hydraulic ejector is installed on the branch pipe. When the hydraulic ejector is working, the waste water is in negative pressure. After mixing the air and waste water, they are sent to the air storage tank by the water pipe and water pump. In this way, we do not need the air compressor, which is relatively simple. Despite water and gas evenly mixed, the water pump should adopt the self-priming water inlet and keep the water head above 1 metre. In addition, the suction capacity of the equipment should not be more than 10% of the water volume in the pump. Otherwise, the pump will not work normally and result in cavitation. Normally, compressed air will enter the pressure pipe after the water flows into the pump, making the pump work stably and does not need to work under positive pressure. But the air compressor is needed to supply air. For ensuring the good gas solubility, the volume of the gas storage tank of the dissolved air flotation pump is relatively large. And the gas storage tank needs filling in complicated ways.

Before using the dissolved air floating pump, all impurities and welding slag in the water pool must be cleaned. Parts including the water pump and air compressor must be lubricated with oil. Then, turn on the power supply and start the dissolved air pump to check whether the rotation direction is consistent with the indicating arrow. Start the air compressor with manual control to check whether the air compressor operates normally. If abnormal conditions happen, causes must be figured out in time.  After that, turn on the trolley scraper. When the switch of slag machine runs to the right position, under the action of stroke block, the surface of slag scraper will move reversely until sludge tank. The stroke collision block will flip the scraper. Then press the stop button to stop scraping, and adjust the dosing device to the optimal state to separate the sewage and suspended matters.

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