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The Role of Micro Nano Bubble Generator In Soilless Culture

What is the micro nano bubble technology:

In the production process of hydroponic plants, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is an important factor that affects the growth and development speed. If the dissolved oxygen is sufficient, the plant will grow faster. The plant will not only grow slowly, but also appear hypoxic and rotten roots if the dissolved oxygen is as lower than the plant needs. Therefore, in the production process, the main technology of hydroponic plants is to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water. No matter how diversified the cyclic cultivation mode is, it is ultimately based on the amount of dissolved oxygen. As a feasibility guarantee for its model, all technical measures that can increase dissolved oxygen in water are measures to promote plant growth. In ecological agriculture technology, micro nano bubble technology is an indispensable new technology.

The advantages of the micro nano buble technology:

In facility gardening and dryland drip irrigation, traditional measures such as air pump oxygenation are used to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, increase the oxygen content of the crop rhizosphere, promote root growth, thereby boost yield, and improving water content and fertilizer utilization efficiency. However, the efficiency of traditional oxygenation methods is relatively low, and it is difficult to rapidly increase the dissolved oxygen value of irrigation water. The use of micro nano bubble generators for aeration and oxygenation treatment of irrigation water can make the dissolved oxygen value quickly reach a super-saturated state, forming micro-nano bubble water for irrigation. Micro-nano bubble water can not only provide sufficient oxygen, but also promote plant growth and development. Because its unique charging, oxidizing, and bactericidal properties make it have special biological and physiological activities.

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