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A Variety of Uses of Micro Bubble Aerator

(1) In the high-tech industry, microbubble aerator is used to clean wafers and improve cleanliness;

(2) In the metallurgical industry, microbubble aerator is used to improve the efficiency of ore flotation;

(3) In the petrochemical industry, microbubble aerator is used to increase pipeline oil delivery speed;

(4) In terms of drinking water treatment, microbubble aerator is used to remove residual chlorine, improve oxidation-reduction potential, and prevent storage water corruption;

(5) In terms of industrial drainage, microbubble aerator is used for the decomposition and decolorization of chemicals and dye solutions;

(6) In the treatment of industrial pollution, the microbubble aerator is used for deodorization, decomposition of dioxin and other chemicals, sewage treatment, and various pipeline cleaning, etc.;

(7) In the aquaculture industry, high-efficiency aeration work in the fields of factory fish farming workshops, hatching workshops, fish farming in large ponds, marine aquaculture, live fish transportation, etc. completely replace traditional aeration facilities, increase breeding density, and significantly increase the economy benefit;

(8) In agriculture, microbubble aerator is used for aerobic irrigation, aerosol cultivation, and waterless cultivation to promote crop growth, improve disease resistance, improve quality, improve soil, sterilize and disinfect, increase crop yield, and increase vegetable harvest Stubble, extend the opening time of flowers, improve product quality, etc.;

(9) In environmental protection industry: Microbubble aerators are used in water treatment related facilities, water quality improvement in ponds, lakes and reservoirs, highly purified water treatment facilities, soil disinfection and purification, etc.;

(10) In the aquarium, microbubble aerators are used for seawater purification, disinfection and oxygenation;

(11) In terms of maintaining health, the microbubble aerator is used for high-oxygen bubble bath, remove aging cutin, and nourish skin;

(12) In application of artificial fog scene: the water droplets that evaporate quickly from artificial fog can make the surrounding environment have the functions of moisturizing, dusting and cooling off in summer. It can greatly increase the content of negative oxygen ions in the air, free from mosquitoes and flies, and greatly create and improve human survival and living environment. While beautifying the environment, artificial fog can generate a large number of negative ions, making the content of negative ions per milliliter of air reach 100,000 to 500,000, which can effectively improve the environment of intensive activities.

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