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Micro bubble generator is a new generation of high-efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection technology. It has a wide range of distribution, and has great potential for development. With the characteristics of micro nano foam (foam with negative ions has slow moving speed, the equivalent of ozone bubble detonation can play a bactericidal effect, air bubbles will gradually become smaller and so on) it is familiar to people.With the continuous maturity and development of micro bubble generator manufacturers technology, its utilization scope will continue to expand, and the market will grow accordingly.

Micro and nano bubbles are different from ordinary foam plastics. Generally, because of the quick effect of air bubbles, the general foam plastics will merge and split up, and the diffusivity in water will be poor. When the solution is implemented, it is only limited to some natural environment of water quality, while micro and nano bubbles have very high bubble relative density and transverse diffusivity. In real life practice, if we fuse large bubbles and explode gas, we can make stronger effect. Because the large bubble explosion can aggravate the thermal convection of water quality, greatly accelerate the external diffusion rate of micro and nano bubbles, it has a very good positive significance to resist the thermal damage and material circulation of temperature stratification. The harmful substances such as ammonia in the low layer water can also be cleaned by the promotion of thermal convection. The excellent diffusivity of micro and nano bubbles can reduce the bubble generation point, maintain environmental protection and energy saving solutions, and integrate solar power generation to maintain large water quality drift solutions in large sea areas.

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