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Knowledge about Gas Liquid Mixing Pump

I. Overview of gas liquid mixing pump

The gas liquid mixing pump is also called vortex pump, dissolved air pump, ozone water mixing pump, air float pump, gas water mixing pump, mixed air pump, aeration pump and gas liquid pump, which is a self-priming gas liquid mixing product of horizontal installation.


The inlet of the gas liquid mixing pump can use the negative pressure to suck in gas, which is free from the gas compressor and atmospheric ejector. The high-speed rotating impeller mixes liquid and gas without the need for agitators and mixers. After the pressurized mixing in the pump chamber, the gas and liquid are fully dissolved, and the dissolution efficiency can reach 80~99.9%. It is possible to produce highly soluble liquids without large pressurized dissolving tanks or expensive reaction towers.

II. The application scope of gas liquid mixing pump

Gas liquid mixing pump is suitable for liquid transportation, enterprise mixing, circulation and pressurization.

Typical applications: air flotation treatment equipment, ozone water production equipment, oxygen-rich water production equipment, biochemical treatment equipment, etc.; the circulation transfer of heat medium and refrigerant of various temperature regulating devices; various filtration devices; extracting or conveying gasoline, diluent, various solvents and other low viscosity liquids at high pressure or from underground storage tanks; the spray treatment of clear water, pure water, food, chemical liquid, waste liquid, etc.; intermittent operation, water hammer, sharp change in back pressure and other harsh applications, such as small steam furnaces, high-rise water supply, filling the tank with water at high pressure, vacuum tank suction, taking sample water from rivers or storage tanks, foaming liquid transfer, and the conveyance in long horizontal lines where are prone to air pockets.

III. Product performance of gas liquid mixing pump

1. It has excellent gas-liquid atomization effect with micro bubbles, which can make the water instantly become white fog;

2. It overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional gas supply equipment, such as large bubbles, easy convergence, fast rising speed and short residence time in water;

3. With the pressurized mixing in the pump, the gas is directly stirred by the pump impeller, and the gas-liquid dissolution rate is more than 95%;

4. It eliminates the use of air compressor, pressure pump, jet device, high-pressure gas tank, gas-water mixer, release head and aeration pipe, which saves the investment of aeration facilities;

5. The site can be moved at any time, which eliminates the investment of fixed aeration pipes;

6. The saturated dissolved oxygen state can be reached quickly, which saves energy consumption;

7. Simple structure, fewer parts, sturdiness and durability, easy disassembly and assembly, and easy maintenance;

8. High efficiency, low noise, and wide range of applications.

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