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The Difference Between Vortex Pump and Centrifugal Pump

Vortex pump (gas liquid mixing pump): a pump that delivers liquid by transferring the kinetic energy to the liquid in the direction of liquid movement by the force of the rotating impeller on the liquid;

Quotas include: single-stage vortex pumps, centrifugal vortex pumps, stainless steel vortex pumps, and other vortex pumps.

The structure of the centrifugal pump is mainly composed of a suction chamber, an impeller and a pressurized water chamber. The water absorption chamber is located in front of the water inlet of the impeller to guide the liquid to the impeller; the pressure water chamber mainly has three forms: a spiral pressure water chamber (volute type), a guide vane and a space guide vane; the impeller is an important working element for a pump, the impeller consists of a cover plate and an intermediate blade.

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