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Working Principle of Submicron Bubble Generator

The principle of the submicron bubble generator is to make water and gas highly soluble and mixed. After ultrasonic cavitation dispersion, high density and uniform super micro bubbles are released to form a "milky white" gas-liquid mixture. The uniform particle size of the bubble is between 200 nm and 4 μm, and the bubble content is 84% to 90%, and the uniform rising speed of the bubble is 4 mm every second to 8 mm every second.


Submicron bubble generator have different physical and chemical properties from general bubbles, such as high internal pressure, high surface energy, high interfacial activity, etc. At the instant of bubble collapse (within 100 seconds), a high pressure of 1900-5200k, which is higher than 50MPa, accompanied by 40KHz ultrasonic wave and 400km / h micro jet, will occur in a small space around the bubble. These characteristics provide a new response channel for the differentiation response which is difficult or takes a long time to complete under conventional conditions.


● bubble size: 200nm-4 μm


● bubble rising speed: 4㎜/s—8㎜/s


● gas liquid ratio: ≥ 10%


(1) complete the high mixing and merging of gas and liquid phases to achieve fullness.


(2) deal with the problems of large bubbles, simple convergence, fast rising speed, large disturbance to water body and short staying time in water. It can have the effect of small arrival bubble, high dissolved oxygen rate, slow rising speed, small disturbance to water body, long stay time in water, large energy during collapse, and improved solvation characteristics.


(3) deal with the problems of long time, easy block, loud noise and high energy consumption when the traditional equipment reaches the full dissolved oxygen state. The purpose of reaching the full dissolved oxygen state is short time, non blocking, low noise and low energy consumption.


● used in ore flotation in metallurgical industry;


● used for differentiation and decolorization of chemicals and dye solution in industrial drainage;


● used in agriculture for soil improvement, disinfection and sterilization;


● in the aspect of physical fitness, it is used for hyperoxia hydrotherapy, removing aged horniness and whitening skin;


● in water management, it is used for water environment improvement and repair, sewage management, etc.

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