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What is the Mechanism and Advantage of Micro Bubble Generator?

The suction port of the micro bubble generator can draw in gas by the negative pressure, so there is no need to use an air compressor and an atmospheric injector.

The high-speed rotating impeller mixes the liquid with the gas, so there is no need for a stirrer and mixer. Due to the pressurized mixing in the pump, the gas and the liquid are fully dissolved, and the dissolution efficiency can reach 80 to 100%. Therefore, a high-pressure solution can be obtained without a large pressurized gas tank or an expensive reaction tower. The gas-liquid ratio is about 1:9 (gas intake volume is 8-10%), and the in-line use can increase the inspiratory volume. A gas-liquid mixing pump can be used for gas-liquid attraction, mixing, dissolution and direct delivery of highly dissolved liquid to the place of application. Pump’s flow rate varies 1-50 M3/H; and the treated water volume varies 1-150 M3/H. Therefore, the use of the gas-liquid mixing pump can improve the efficiency of the dissolved gas production, simplify the preparation device, save the space, greatly reduce the initial startup time, save operating costs and maintenance costs.

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