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What is the Performance of the Dissolved Gas Pump?

Dissolved air pump performance:

  • Excellent gas-liquid atomization effect, fine bubbles, can instantly turn the water into white fog

  • Overcoming the drawbacks of traditional gas supply equipment, such as large bubbles, easy convergence, fast rise, and short residence time in water

  • The pump is pressurized and mixed, the gas is directly stirred by the pump impeller, and the gas-liquid dissolution rate is over 95%.

  • Eliminate the use of air compressors, pressure pumps, jets, high-pressure dissolved gas tanks, gas-water mixers, release heads and aeration tubes to save investment in aeration facilities

  • Use the site to move at any time, eliminating the need to invest in fixed aeration pipelines

  • Quickly reach saturated dissolved oxygen state, saving energy

  • Simple structure, few components, durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain

  • High efficiency, low noise, wide application fields

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