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Characteristics of Nano Micro Bubble Generator (II)

In the last article, it mentioned three characteristics of nano micro bubble generator. Today this article will introduce the other two characteristics of it:


1. Contractile micron bubble will constantly shrink or expand after it is generated in water due to its self-pressurization, and its diameter is always changing. According to the latest research, bubbles of 20um~40um will shrink to about 8um at a spped of 1.3um/s, and the rate of shrinkage will suddenly increase dramatically, after which they may further split into nanoscale bubbles or completely dissolve in water.


2. The surface of micron bubbles with high electrokinetic potential will adsorb charged ions such as OH -, and around the layer of OH - ions, counter-charge ion layer such as H+ will be distributed, so that a double electrode layer is formed on the surface of micron bubbles. The potential at the interface of the double electrode layer is called electrokinetic potential, and the level of the electrokinetic potential greatly determines the adsorption performance of the micron bubble interface. Because of the contractibility of micron bubbles, charge ions accumulate in large quantities at the bubble interface in the period. Before the bubble completely breaks and dissolves, the electrokinetic potential will keep increasing, and the adsorption performance of charged particles in water will become better.


Factory acquaculture, especially the land-based aquaculture technology in the future, will mostly develop towards high-density intensification. In this trend, the control of high dissolved oxygen in water is a crucial step for the health and growth of fish. Instead of the traditional way of increasing oxygen, the technology of using nano micro bubble generator to produce functional bubbles will be a revolutionary innovation, which can greatly improve the activity and output of fish, and is a strong guarantee for the factorization of aquaculture industry.

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