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The technical principle of microbubble generator is that the surface of microbubble is negatively charged, and the negative charge of microbubble generator is higher than that of ordinary microbubbles. Generally, the surface load of microbubbles below 30um is about - 40mv, which is one of the reasons why microbubbles can gather together for a long time without breaking. Using the electronegativity of micro bubble, it can adsorb the positively charged substances in water, which has a good effect on the adsorption and separation of suspended solids or pollutants in water.

The technical principle of microbubble generator is that the self pressurization of microbubbles is related to the internal pressure and surface tension of dissolved bubbles. The smaller the diameter of bubbles, the greater the internal pressure. Due to its small diameter and large specific surface area, the internal pressure of microbubbles is much higher than that of the external liquid, while due to the advantages of internal pressurization and large specific surface area of microbubbles, the gas solubility of microbubbles is hundreds of times of that of millimeter bubbles. Because the solubility is closely related to the pressure, the interface will reach the supersaturated state when the internal pressure of the micro bubble increases to a certain threshold. When more gas in the bubble is dissolved into the water, it will gradually dissolve and disappear.

The technical principle of microbubble generator is that the shrinkage of microbubbles will shrink or expand continuously after they are produced in water because of self pressurization, and the diameter of microbubbles will change all the time. According to the latest research, 20um ~ 40um bubbles will search to 8um at the speed of 1.3um/s, and then the shrinkage rate will increase dramatically, and then it may further split into nano bubbles or completely dissolve in water. The surface of the bubble with high interfacial electromotive force will absorb charged ions such as OH -, and around the OH - ion layer, there will be counter charged ions such as H +, so that the surface of the bubble will form a double electric layer. The potential of the double electric layer interface is also called the interfacial electromotive force. The level of the interfacial electromotive force largely determines the adsorption performance of the bubble interface.

Because of the shrinkage of micro bubbles, charge ions gather at the interface of bubbles in a period of time. Until the bubbles are completely broken and dissolved, the dynamic potential of the interface will increase all the time, showing the better adsorption performance of charged particles in water.

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