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Application of Micro Nano Bubble Technology in Aeration of Water Treatment

Micro nano bubble technology applied to aeration in water treatment is an efficient and environmental protection water treatment technology developed in recent years. Compared with ordinary large bubbles, micro nano bubbles have unique physical and chemical characteristics, such as large specific surface area, surface charge, long time in water, high gas-liquid mass transfer rate, high interface point, spontaneous generation of free radicals. In water treatment, it is often used to remove suspended solids, oxidize and decompose refractory organic pollutants, promote biological activity by reoxygenation, reduce the internal pollution of sediment and so on.

The effects of micro nano bubble technology on improving water quality through aeration in the treatment of black and odorous rivers include:

(1) Absorption and removal of suspended solids in sewage. Due to the charge on the surface of the micro-nano bubbles and the high zeta potential, they have a superior adsorption effect on the oil and suspended solids in the sewage, thereby reducing the organic matter in the water, significantly increasing the transparency of the water body and improving the water color.

(2) Promote biological purification function. When the micro nano bubbles are aerated in the polluted anoxic water area, with the consumption of dissolved oxygen in the bubbles, the active oxygen is added to the water continuously, which can enhance the biological activities of aerobic microorganisms, plankton and aquatic animals, accelerate the biodegradation process of pollutants in water and sediment, and realize the purpose of water purification.

(3) The enhanced decomposition of refractory organic pollutants can release a large number of hydroxyl radicals when micro nano bubbles burst, which has the oxidation property and can decompose many organic pollutants. In order to promote microbubbles to produce more hydroxyl radicals in water, other strong oxidation methods, such as ultraviolet, pure oxygen and ozone, are often used to enhance the oxidation and decomposition of organic pollutants in wastewater.

(4) Reduce internal source pollution of sediment. Micro nano bubble aeration increases the oxygen content of the surface layer of the bottom of rivers and lakes, and strengthens the metabolic activity of aerobic microorganisms, which effectively inhibits the decomposition process of organic matter by anaerobic bacteria at the bottom of the lake, reduces the release of nitrogen as well as phosphorus nutrients at the bottom, and blocks endogenous pollution.

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